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Lettre de recommandation en anglais : modèle de lettre gratuit

Le modèle de lettre Lettre de recommandation en anglais se trouve dans Modèle lettre Entreprise 

Aperçu du modèle de lettre gratuit

Voici un aperçu du contenu du modèle de lettre gratuit à télécharger "Lettre de recommandation en anglais"

Mr Nom,

I am writing to let you know of my recommandation of Mr ... as a future employee of your organisation following his time at the Paris Theatre Ensemble this summer.

Mr ... approached me in April of this year to inquire about internship possibilities at the Paris Theatre. I was immediately struck by this young man's initiative and determination, and our subsequent conversations showed that he knew exactly what he wanted to achieve. His desire to learn more about the technical end of theater (especially lighting design) was well-planned and focused.

Throughout his work placement with us, Mr ... kept to a tight schedule and was exceedingly responsible. He took direction well, and showed a tremendouos amount of initiative, taking personal pride in the work he did. Willing to work the extra hours to get the job done, he's a true theatre technician, as well as a scholar. In addition to his regular responsibilities, he served as an apprentice to three lighting designers, making very good use of his time. And he did it all with great good humor and generosity of spirit. He is so well-liked here, that at the conclusion of his internship, our technical director told me that Mr ... was the best intern he'd worked with in ten years at the Paris Theatre.

We at the Paris Theatre are sad to lose Mr ..., but are confident that he will succeed in everything that he does. In whatever capacity, he will add immeasurably to your organization.

Sincerely yours,

Prénom Nom

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